Sunday, August 31, 2008

Magic Mountain

In August we went to Magic Mountain in L.A. with our cousins. It was awesome!

Waiting in line with Rachel
These rides were so fun but scary! The yellow and orange one is one of my favorites.
Me, Rachel, Tweety, and Becca
Rachel and Becca are sure excited!
Magic mountain was so fun!

my little sis

Rachel's my favorite sister (don't tell Madi)...........jk

The other day Madi and I fixed Rachel's hair, put on make-up, picked out her outfit... It was fun

When my dad saw Rachel, he said "I want my 10-yr-old back!" Doesn't she look amazing?

Rachel's learning flute-- yay!

Camping on the coast with cousins!

In July, our cousins from Florida came and we went camping on the coast. It was really fun-- swimming, hiking, campfires, wild blackberries...

What a beatiful view!

The beach was beautiful-- but freezing!

Wow, 3 sets of twins! Who are the real ones?

Campfires are sooo much fun!

Elyse is so fun to play with!